—— Catalogue design for Alexandros' Georgiou art exhibition "postGods", held at the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art.


—— Poster and press kit design for Anja Kirschner's horror film 'Moderation' which premiered at the 66th Berlinale Film Festival.

Moby Dick

—— Herpurne Verlag's publishing project "Moby Dick" consists of monthly individual editions of all of Hermann Melville's novel chapters, visually interpreted by artists and designers. We collaborated with fellow artist Francis Upritchard to illustrate chapter 57 "Of whales in paint; in teeth;"


—— Branding, visual identity, packaging, promotional material and web design for Spray.Bike, the first ever range of spray paint made exclusively for bicycles. Produced and developed by VCA, Cosmos Lac and Brick Lane Bikes.

Iconoclastic Exercises

—— Catalogue design for Yorgos Kypris' art exhibition "Iconoclastic Exercises", held at the "House of Cyprus" cultural and educational institution, Athens.

institut français de grèce

—— Visual identity for the 2016–2018 educational and cultural program of the institute, divided in 10 thematic circles.

Pixi Summer Sessions

—— Visual identity and promotional material for the summer parties of Pixi club.

Ioanna Kourbela

—— Seasonal lookbooks for fashion designer Ioanna Kourbela.
this-is-that_institut-francais_catalogue-2011-2015_1 thumb b

Institut français de Grèce 2011-15

—— Publication featuring the cultural agenda of the French Institute during the years 2011-15 under the creative direction of Olivier Descotes.

this is that

—— Silk screen printed posters, made for the launch of our new visual identity.
at the baths

At the Baths

—— Poster for the group exhibition 'At the Baths' –a Sterna Art Project– on the volcanic island of Nisyros.


—— Corporate identity and web design for the award-winning Hytra & Hytra Apla restaurant in Stegi, the Onassis Cultural Center in Athens.

Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2015

—— Publications (program, brochures) for the ‘Athens & Epidaurus Festival‘ 2014.
Illustration by Hara Marantidou and lettering by Giannis Karlopoulos.

Aftokratoria (I Have Your Data)

—— Catalogue design for 'Aftokratoria - I Have Your Data', a theatrical play written by George Veltsos and directed by Michael Marmarinos. It premiered at the National Theatre of Northern Greece in January 2015.
remap 4 2

ReMap 4

—— Visual identity, web design, signage and printed material for the ReMap 4 international art fair in Athens.

Alpha Hydrae

—— Visual identity and printed material for the record label and recording studio 'Alpha Hydrae', founded on the island of Hydra in 2015. The studio's first recorded artist was Sébastien Tellier.


—— U.F.O. (Unidentified Found Object) was an art installation presented at ReMap 4 art fair. It comprises solely of found art works/ artefacts and focuses on ways of display in an abandoned apartment. A limited edition publication was produced on the side.

Tradition Today

—— Promotional material and catalogue for 'Tradition Today', an art exhibition held at the Cyprus Cultural Centre in Athens.


—— Packaging for Fysis herbal infusions.

Ultimate Substance

—— Catalogue for the 'Ultimate Substance' art video installation in Secession Vienna, made by artists Anja Kirschner and David Panos. Compiled and edited by This is that, published by Secession Vienna.


—— Video piece for the BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) event at Kunsthalle Athena gallery in Athens.